Keep your employees and visitors safe, whilst enabling business continuity.

Proximity allows for instant contact-tracing and temperature screening, without the need for privacy-invasive tracking.

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Preserve privacy

Tracing that works without tracking the wearer's location or movements. No requirement for user logins, accounts, or sharing personal data.

Scale quickly

Instant contact-tracing for large groups and teams. Easily scaled to 1000's of people. Deployable without the need for infrastructure, at permanent, temporary, or remote sites.

Work smart

Where smartphone apps fail to meet your needs, Proximity features long battery life, repeatable accuracy, and superior integration into your existing work environment.

Proximity wearables

Designed for continuous wear and seamless integration with existing work environments. Proximity devices offer long battery life and accurate distance measurements between wearers.

For operational flexibility, our wearables can be worn discretely or openly to aid venue security and compliance.

Proximity app

Easily manage devices, associated users, and download device data seamlessly. Contact-tracing alerts allow you to act quickly when needed.

Temperature monitoring

Non-contact temperature measurements, as often as you need, and with central overview of trends and alerts. FDA-certified, clinical accuracy.


Monitor your organisation's compliance, with group statistics and analytics.

Easily view contact-tracing details, including primary- and secondary contacts, contact durations and severity.

Check-in kiosk

Allow site visitors to register their presence and begin contact-tracing data collection, all without touch. Optional personal contact details can be entered, giving your organisation instant communication with at-risk individuals.

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