Remote sensing and communications for mobile teams

Improve communication

Video streaming allows for remote decision-making without the need for distracting radio or phone calls for field workers. Instant messaging allows for instant updates and removes the need for consumer apps in the workplace.

Increase oversight

Real-time mapping of resources, team members and incidents allows you to maintain continuous oversight of your team.

React in real time

Live data streams can be used to automatically trigger map events, and begin case tracking. Remote biometric or vehicle data can aid rapid decision-making.

Make use of cutting-edge biometric sensing

Bring your own sensors, or use any one of our novel, high-performance sensors to enable truly wearable, mobile sensing at scale.

Custom in-ear sensing

  • Heart rate
  • Optional SpO2
  • Optional accelerometer up to 200g
  • Audio passthrough for radio comms
  • Custom 3D-printed
  • Ultra-soft silicone for comfort
  • Maximum noise-attenuation

The most capable in-ear sensing system on the market. Custom-printed to fit the wearer perfectly. Our in-ear system offers hearing protection, vital signs monitoring, and accelerometry for concussion screening.

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Wearable Pulse-oximetry

  • Heart rate
  • SpO2
  • Accelerometer for motion analysis
  • Wireless charging
  • IP68 rated
  • 500m wireless range
  • FIA 8868-2018 approved

Developed for the most demanding environments, and worn by all Formula 1 drivers, the HB1 is the world's smallest, long-range wireless pulse-oximeter.

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Wearable proximity sensing

  • Accurate distance ranging
  • Ultra-long battery life
  • Contact-tracing algorithm on-board
  • Tag or watch form-factors
  • Rugged option
  • 50m wireless range
  • Optional indoor location feature

Measure proximity and position for safety, performance or compliance monitoring. The W1 wearables are at the core of our Proximity system for automated contact-tracing.

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